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Our Story

Kombuchinnati is a Mission-Focused Brewing Company that specializes in flavor-packed, non-alcoholic, probiotic kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented "sweet" tea that is packed with probiotics. Kombuchinnati is a healthy alternative to soda and alcohol. Our mission is to use our functional beverages to restore underserved communities in our backyard using philanthropy while scaling Kombuchinnati into a national brand. Kombuchinnati was founded in 2018 by Cincinnati native Ione Sally during his senior year of high school at The School for Creative and Performing Arts.

Ione discovered kombucha through his foster mom who taught him about holistic ways to heal his stomach ulcer. Ione discovered that natural probiotics and enzymes are directly linked to improving gut health. After doing extensive research about fermentation and kombucha brewing, Ione began formulating recipes in his apartment and selling his homebrew to classmates. His classmates urged him to legitimize his dream and shortly after, he grew the dream into a commercial-grade product that is distributed to Greater Cincinnati. 

Unlike our competitors, Kombuchinnati focuses on cultivating fully flavored kombuchas with an emphasis on potent probiotic bacteria strains versus a glorified low-sugar seltzer. The probiotic strains include Lactobacillus Nagelii, Bacillus Coagulans, and Bacillus subtilis. Studies show that probiotics are directly linked to improving digestive health, improving IBS symptoms, and improving the immune system. Probiotics are also linked to improving vaginal flora and increasing beneficial bacteria while balancing pH levels. Kombuchinnati strives to provide the highest quality kombuchas that actually taste good, instead of over-carbonated, alcoholic vinegar juice 

When you support Kombuchinnati, you're supporting a Black-owned Brewing company whose mission is to bring people together. You can support Kombuchinnati by purchasing our kombucha from our retailers, and by ordering through our website. For free, you can support Kombuchinnati on Instagram by liking and sharing our content! All of your support will help Kombuchinnati make the world a better place and also become a nationally recognized brewing company.



New Packaging!

Kombuchinnati switched from expensive glass bottles to cans because cans protect our high-quality beverages from ultraviolet rays and bacteria while locking in aroma and flavor. Cans are also more affordable compared to glass. Canned kombucha is NOT inferior to bottled kombucha. 

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